Empire Realty Associates

Here at your Empire, we are more-than-conquering it, with over 130 years of experience collectively. We’re educating colleagues, clients, and ourselves on real estate, leasing, and financing all the time, in every area- such as national legislation, investment statistics, marketing and social media trends, city-based buying incentives, and even down payment grant programs.

At your Empire, you’ll notice we are loving what we do and having a great time doing it. We’re keeping the fun in fundamental operations, staying enthusiastic through each milestone, and celebrating the victories with you.

We, at your Empire, are keeping ourselves available to you through multiple points of contact for your transaction, along with, of course, your own more-than-conqueror (MTC) real estate expert guiding you. We’re accessible thorough every traditional means of communication, as well as most online platforms, making it easy to reach out in the way that is most comfortable for you.

Your Empire MTCs are results-oriented, flexible and innovative, and focused on designing strategies that are the most affordable and profitable for you. We’re counseling colleagues and clients on the best ways to improve credit ratings, consolidate expenses, and plan for expansion every day.

For Our California Colleagues:
We offer 30% Broker-to-Broker Referral Rewards for your clients moving out-of-state!
Here’s Your Broker Referral Rewards Agreement!

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