Empire Realty Associates

– Hi!

Thank you for allowing us to introduce ourselves: We’re your more-than-conqueror (MTC) real estate and finance specialists.

We’re experts in our fields and pride ourselves on the Spirit of Promise, Wisdom, Access, Power, Fruitfulness, Fullness, and Victory.

Your MTCs are extraordinary mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, leaders, professionals, managers, missionaries, trainers, researchers, communicators, administrators, innovators, artists, athletes, activists, chefs, hosts, and neighbors.

And, we’re honored to be welcoming you and your family and your company to your new neighborhood, your new empire.

Meet Your MTCs!
*Victor Velasquez, Tonya Schiavone, Tania Tamayo, Mirna Escobar, Marlenne Roldan, Maria Rosales, Lori Sergent, Kim Petersen, Jeremy Hakimi,
Elena Marcos, Devone Henke, Clarissa Abadilla, Clara Navarrete
*We look forward to meeting you face-to-face! Click for photos.